PGZ Pavimenti Zanchetta impermeabilizzazioni snc - Pavimenti galleggianti - Pordenone


PGZ is a solution studied to be applied directly over the impermeable mantles, self-draining, easy dry installation over any water-proofing membrane and felt, without risk of damage.
PGZ satisfies in full the need of having a refined appearance pavement for outdoor areas or terraces, fast to lay, light, and that it offers easy access to the substrata for repair and maintenance.
Its characteristics render it adaptable to resolve problems , for future water-proofing with already existing and paved terraces, without demolition of the same paving.
The product's base is costituted of a modular support in polypropylene, with the dimensions of cm. 15x30, thickness cm. 5, on which two 15cm x 15cm frost-resistant and non-slip porcelain tiles are fitted on polypropylene trays, fixed on a polypropylene frame with draining outlets, for a total weight of approximately 26,5 kg/mq.
Every base is being laid down on the modular support circulars plates, making so that all the paved surface turns out fixed and stable.

It can be applied right away after water-proofing is done ,and what renders it interresting for the new constructions, not like the "traditional" paving , during lay operations, it does not fear the rain , neither the humidity, nor the low temperatures; in fact it is purposely thought for, its guaranteed temperature from -20C to 70C.

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